Plant Based Ways To Fuel Your Workout


Diet is the cornerstone of any healthy fitness program and incorporating the right foods to compliment your workout is essential in ensuring max results.

There are plenty of reasons to lean on a plant based diet that include diabetes prevention, hypertension control, heart health, weight loss, fiber intake, vision and skin benefits among many others.

Plant-based diets are lower in saturated fats and dietary cholesterol than meat-centric diets.

While you may not be ready to ditch the meat and go “all in” on plants, here at a few plant based foods to fuel your fitness routine.

Vegetable proteins like lentils, peas and beans help lower blood pressure and support healthy blood flow. This is a clear benefit to any workout.

Not only do they reduce the chances of a heart attack, stroke and certain cancers but they are known to remove cholesterol and fatty deposits like triglycerides and C-reactive protein from the bloodstream.

High-fiber foods like apples, pears, beans and leafy greens help with appetite and portion control.

Keep an eye out for soluble fiber foods such as oatmeal, apples, nuts, beans and blueberries which reduces cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar.